Bolero Elements

Basic Movement

Check & Circular Walks

Checked Pass, Hip Twist, & Spin Full Silver

Checked Underarm Pass

Crossover Break

Crossover, Quick Sit, & Rumba Rock

Curl, Fan, Lunge

Fallaway Rondé & Floor Drop

Grand Circle

Hip Twist & Spin

Hip Twist, Spin, Opposition Check

Open Check

Open Break Underarm Turn

Overturned Crossbody Lead

Left Side Pass

Quick Hammerlock & Corkscrew

Quick Sit & Waist Spin

Right Lunge & Sway

Ripple Lunge, Man’s Turn

Romantic Sways

Ronde’, Pass Behind the Back

Separation, Catch & Spin

Shadow Checks

Shadow Loop & Shadow Check

Slow Spiral & Swivel

Spin Wrap

Spot Turn Combination

Underarm Pass

Walks & Fan

Checked Pass, Hip Twist and Spin
Cross-Over, Quick Sit & Rumba Rock
Hip Twist, Spin, Opposition Check
Leg Throw
Grand Circle

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