Bolero Lesson Notes

Amber Reich May 25, 2010

The head in Bolero is held like the head is held in standard or smooth, to the left over the left leg. Hold your left hand and arm out straight and make a fist. Keep your head to the left of your fist. Then do side to side Bolero basics keeping your head in this position with your arm out. A mirror helps you teach your head to stay in the correct position. Do not look at the woman unless you are purposely doing so as a styling exercise. You do look at the woman with open breaks.

The second step in Bolero is small. Slow Quick Quick You fall on the beginning of the second quick so stay up on the first quick and then fall. In the open breaks you do look at the woman briefly before you go to the side. With the crossover break, bring your leading shoulder up and let the woman through. You can practice this in the mirror. I should create a list of dance drills to practice in front of a mirror to better develop good form.

September, 2010 Virginia Coker Course

The man does half of a normal side basic and then swings the woman forward with his left hand in a wide windmill sweeping movement. The woman is then turned to open as she reaches the man's body. The man is perpendicular to her movement and looking to his forward. The woman is then pushed/guided backward as the man closes his legs. Another basic is then done to a woman's double turn. The foot movements have to be small to keep control of your balance. Think of the positions that you are placing the woman in and focus on the lead into these positions. Dance with the woman. Feel her movements while dancing while at the same time clearly communicating your own.

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