Cha Cha Figures


Across the Back
Alternating Underarm Turns

Back Breaks

Back Spot Turn with Quick Underarm Turn

Basics in Place

Break and Swivel


Chase Turn

Cuban Break with Hip Rolls
Cross Body Lead

Cross Body Pull Back
Cross Body Spins & Open Box
Crossover Break
Crossover Flick Combination
Crossover Flick to Side Break
Crossbody, Surprise, Quick Turn
Crossover Twist & Fan


Forward & Back Syncopation Full Silver
Grapevine Combination


Hip Roll,Quick
Lady’s Swivels
Man’s Rondé. Back Spot Turn

New York

Open Break
Open Break & Underarm Turn
Open Turn, Wrap, & Syncopation
Opposition Lunge Line, Tango Close
Outside Partner

Overturned Hockey Stick

Progressive Basic
Pullback, Figure 4, Double Rondé
Pullback Grapevine
Pullback Combination
Quick Crossovers
Shoulder Check

Shadow New York
Shadow Positions

Shadow Turns

Side Basic
Same Foot Merenge Cross

Slash Sit, Cradle & Freeze
Spot Turn

Surprise Break

Sweetheart to Fan Ending


Syncopated Crossover Variation
Syncopated Locks & Body Sway

Three Cha Chas

Cha Cha Technique

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