Contra Body Movement Position

          Contra Body Movmement Position (CBMP) describes a specific foot placement. Contra Body Movmement Position (CBMP) is a specific foot position taken forward or backward where the moving foot is placed on the same track or across the track of the standing leg's foot. If you draw a line through the standing leg's foot which extends several feet forward and backward of the standing leg's foot it creates a track. You can use a wood floor that has straight planks to help with this concept. Contra Body Movmement Position (CBMP) is always used when stepping outside partner to maintain a good body position. It is also used on LF forward walks and RF back Walks in Tango. The term CBMP and CMP are similar terms but do not mean the same thing. Contra Body Movmement Position (CBMP) is how you place your moving leg foot and Contrabody Movment (CBM) is how you move your body above the moving leg.

          CBM/CBMP Drill

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