Atlanta Dance Frame         

Learning the smooth ballroom dance frame took time and I am not even sure that I am there yet. Learning how to create a good dance frame is just a beginning. Next is the ability to continue to hold this good dance frame during an actual dance and then when to modify the dance frame to accomplish some specific goal. Here are several notes. For dance purposes, consider that there are three parts to the arm: the hand, the forearm and the upper arm.

Upper Frame

Shoulders: The shoulders are relaxed. Avoid shrugging the shoulders when lifting your arms. The man's arms are adjusted to the woman by raising or lowering the arms not moving the shoulders.
Upper arms: The upper arm is positioned slightly forward to the chest. The elbows are extended to the sides as though someone was pulling on your arms. The position of the upper arm is fixed and non-movable.
Forearms: The adjustment of the upper frame to your dance partner is primarily done with the forearms.
Hands: The left hand is raised to the level of the woman's eyes.




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