Atlanta Dance Head Positioning    

          I have continually been accused of being a gorilla, especially when I first began ballroom dancing. This accusation along with my wife's, and many of my dance instructors, annoying
habit of pushing my chin to one side while I danced caused me considerable dismay and worry. Today, I think I have resolved the head positioning problem!

          I incorrectly previously thought that the man's head and shoulders were one fixed block. This was wrong! The misconception caused considerable grief. I really did truly believe this and all of the dance for the first two years of my learning incorrectly included this nasty habit. Why? Because I believed this is what I was supposed to do!

          The truth is that the man's head almost always looks down the line of dance and the movement of the man's head is separated from the movement of the shoulders and upper frame.

          At the beginning of a waltz the man's right shoulder and right side are slightly forward positioned with the lady. However, the man's head remains positioned forward towards the line of dance. As he swings his left arm up and forward with step one, his head remains forward and upright, even though the man's left shoulder is tipping up and right shoulder tipping down. Again with the next movement, the man's right shoulder moves up and forward along with the swing and sway but the man's head continues to move forward and centered upright, not tilting or tipping with the shoulder movement.

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