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          I have tried to list as many different dance figures as I can for each dance. This is difficult because there are several different dance syllabii (plural for syllabus) for each dance depending on the different dance organization you consult. The same exact dance figure is often named differently in different syllabii to avoid copyright infringements and accusations of "copy catting". However, the dance is the dance regardless of how it is named. "A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

          The dance studio I am currently doing classes with, DAZA, tries to use the DIVIDA syllabus for the smooth dances. DIVIDA stands for Dance Vision International Dance Association. Another popular syllabus is published by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

          My goal is to be able to name and perfectly execute each dance figure for each dance. I have listed the dances and when you click on the name of a dance shown in the home page, it will bring you to that dance's page. You will find a link on the dance page called "elements". The elements page for each dance lists all of the figures I could find and when you click on an individual figure name it takes you to that dance figure's page. You will then find videos that are either embedded in the page or links to videos. Additionally, when possible, I have included tables and/or descriptions of this dance figure. This helps me review each dance figure and I hope it will be helpful to you also.

          Watch the videos. Study the tables and then try and recreate each figure yourself. Next, practice dance the figure with a partner and when you are comfortable, dance the figure at a dance party with your favorite dance partner. Finally, review the dance figure page over and over again because you never learn it fully at first. Dancing is a physical and mental activity that must be perfectly blended with time. In many cases, you will need a dance instructor's wisdom to achieve the level of knowledge you desire.

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