Atlanta Dance Philosopy

          I hated dancing in 2008 and now in 2010 I love it. Crazy, huh? The old adage that " if you become a master at what you do, you will love it. " is true. This also applies to one's profession and all activities in life. I learned to dance to become closer to my wife, Linda. Linda loves dancing and I love her. It is wonderful how dance transforms and impassions her. For this reason, I suffered the early trials and tribulations of learning to dance.

          Now I dance to have fun and interact with other people. I love helping others to dance and feel really good when I can successfully lead new women who are not experienced. It's really fun and I often learn a lot about my own dancing and leading when I dance with others.

          Linda and I dance for exercise. We dance for pleasure. We dance for social reasons to meet people. We dance to enjoy the sensation of becoming one with our bodies, with each other and with the music. It can be a somewhat spiritual experience at times.

          There are many ways to learn how to dance. Private instruction, dance classes, dance videos and also written dance manuals such as with the DVIDA Syllabus or the Imperial Teachers of Dance

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