Atlanta Dance Turning Technique

Turning Lead

          A woman's turn is lead. At one time I thought the lead was simply raising my left arm to signal the woman to go underneath the arm. It is an interesting activity to dance with women who are just begining to dance or who do not know how to dance.
Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of dancing with a young woman who did not know anything about East Coast Swing. Despire this, she followed extremely well and it was rather enjoyable. I did learn one important thing. Several times when I raised my arm for her to turn she just looked at me puzzled. Ah ha! It's the right arm and righthand that lead the turn, not the left.

          To lead an underarm turn, the left arm is brought in to the center of the body and raised straight up while the right hand guides the woman underneath the man' left arm. The man only raises his left arm high enough to goe over the woman's head. The amount of height that the left arm raises depends on the height of the woman and varies woman to woman.       

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