East Coast Swing Elements

Basic Turning Right
Basic Turning Left
Underarm Turn
Underarm Release from Basic
7A). Tuck In – Handshake
7B). Tuck In – Double Handhold with Free Spin
7C). Tuck In – Double Handhold with Underarm Turn
Alternating Underarm Turns
Shoulder Check
Cradle to Hammerlock
Sugar Push Throw Out
Double Face Loop
Opposition Break & Roll Out
1. Wrist Spin & Alternating Turn
2. Face Loops & Tuck Spin
3. Tuck In, Alternating Hammerlock
4. Two Hand Catch & Spin
5. Rotating Basic
6. Side to Side & Running Pass
7. Boogie Walks
8A). Rhythm Variations –Pull Back
8B). Rhythm Variations –Sailor Shuffle
9. Twist & Face
10. Wrap Combination
1. Continuous Tuck In
2. Hip Roll & Pullback
3. Spinning Wrap & Syncopated Points
4. Circular Foot Splits & Barrel Turn
5. Toe-Heel Swivel Combination
6. Kick & Freeze
7. Two Circles
8. Around the Back
9. Alternating Shuffles
10. Rolling Off the Arm & Circular Swivels

Basic Step - Open Position
1b. Basic Step - Closed Position
2. Throwout
3. Link to Closed Position
4. Underarm Turn to R.
5. Underarm Turn to L.

6. Hammerlock
7. Cuddle Wrap
8. Alternating Underarm Turns
9. Back Pass
10a. Single Overhead Loop

10b. Double Overhead Loop
11. Closed Tuck-In Turn
12. American Spin Tuck-In
13. Shoulder Spin Tuck-In
14. Continuous Tuck-In Turn

15. Fallaway Walks
16. Lindy Basic Turning to Left
17. Lindy Basic Turning to Right
18a. Lindy Turn w/ UAT to R.
18b. Lindy Turn w/ UAT to L.
19. Lindy Side Passes
20a. Promenade Chasses
20b. Promenade Walks
21. Toe-Heel Swivels
22. Chicken Walks

Basic Count: 1&2, 3&4, rock step
Or triple step, triple step, rock step

1. 5 Positions of Dance
2. Closed & Open Basic
3. Closed & Open Basic,Rotate Right
4. Throw-out
5. Underarm turn –closed position
6. Underarm turn –open position
7. Man’s underarm turn
8. Woman’s underarm turn
9. Alternating Underarm Turns
10. Inside Turn: Counterclockwise or Loop Turn
11. Outside Turn: Clockwise or Arch Turn
12. Side Pass- Changing Places
13. Cuddle
14. Hammerlock

Basic Count: 1&2, 3&4, rock step
Or triple step, triple step, rock step
14. Back Side Pass with hand change & loop turn
15. Hand Slide with loop turn
16. Cuddle Variations: Side to Side Spin-Out
17. Shoulder Check
18. Tucks: Open Position Closed Position
19. Sugar Push
20. Backward Step – with Kicks
Basic Count: 1&2, 3&4, rock step
21. Hammer Lock
Back to Back, Alternating Underarm
Turn, Heel-Toe & Barefootin’
22. Toe & Heel
23. Parallel to Vine
24. Six Stepper
25. Tilt
26. Basic Position, Rotate Left

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