East Coast Swing Lesson Notes

Robert Trantino Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club 9/16/2010

The basic rotates. Woman's left/cross underarm turn. Man turns counterclockwise immediately after woman's turn.

Sven Juur 12/22/2010
Figure 1: Basic-Fifth Position-Side Basic-Foward Basic (moving to the left)-Swivels(6)-Underarm Turn
Figure 2: Basic-Clockwise Woman's Turn ending in Handshake Hold-Basic-Clockwise Woman's Turn (again but lead by right hand)
-Man kicks right leg on one holds two falls back and touches on three then does a rock step.

Jeanne Sharbuno Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club 04/16/2011

ECS basic - Woman's U/A Turn with man moving to the woman's 3/4 turn position to his right to meet her at her finish - Woman's Right Side U/A Turn finishing with man and woman triple stepping to the right - the man wraps himself into the woman's right arm with a quarter counterclockwise turn while holding the woman's hand and arm in his stomach. He then releases the woman right hand and does a half clockwise half turn and catchs the woman's left hand with his right hand ending with a handshake hold . The man then leads a woman's U/A turn (She goes) and immediately does a half counterclockwise turn under the woman's arm ending in ECS start position.

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