Foxtrot Figures

Basic step
Back Basic

Box (sqq-sqq)

Chair & Slip

Change of direction

Closed Grapevine SQQ,QQQQ,SQQ
Closed impetus

Closed telemark

Cork Screw

Curved feather

Curved Running Steps
Curved three step


Fallway Reverse and Slip Pivot

Fallaway Twinkle

Feather step

Forward Twinkle (fwd side together fwd side together to face) (sqq sqq)

Fallaway & Weave

Hairpin from Reverse
Hairpin from Promenade Position

Hover Corté
Hover cross
Hover feather
Hover telemark

Natural Fallaway

Open Grapevine

Open Left Box Turn (forward-side-together-back-side-together) (z turn on each) (sqq sqq)
Open Right Box Turn (forward-side together (also called the bridge step) to z turn right box turn – end w/bridge

Outside Swivel

Parallel steps (to take lady into outside partner) (ssqq ssqq)

Pivot (promenade to backward pivot end w/ basic step) ssqq ssqq ssqq

Promenade with inside turn on quick quick

Rock turns

Slide & Check

Spiral Step
Swing Steps/Side Sway (side-touch side-touch side-together)

Three step

Turning Twinkles

Weave from Promenade

Zig Zag

Promenade Pivot
Basic Weave
Natural turn
Natural weave
Reverse turn and feather finish
Natural telemark
Open impetus
Open telemark and feather ending
Open telemark, natural turn, outside swivel and feather ending
Quick natural weave
Quick open reverse

Reverse pivot
Reverse wave
Top spin
Weave from PP
Back feather
Bounce fallaway with weave ending
Extended reverse wave
Fallaway reverse, slip pivot
Natural hover telemark

Technique Videos

Foxtrot Demonstration with step list

William Pino and Alessandra Bucciarelli

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