Foxtrot Musicality

          American Foxtrot is danced in a 4/4 timing meaning that there are four notes per measure/bar using quarter notes (1/4) with about thirty two measures/bars per minute.

           Basic Bronze Foxtrot is danced with a slow, slow, quick, quick timing. Each slow is two quarter notes and each quick is one quarter note. Given this then, there are six (6) beats in each bronze pattern. (slow 2, slow 2, quick 1 and quick 1). Bronze steps come to a definite close with the feet together.

          Basic Silver Foxtrot is danced with a different pattern: slow, quick, quick. This is a four (4) beat pattern and the change in the pattern demands changes with the dancer's footwork. The silver foot placement, accentuations and timing are different than with simple bronze timing. Silver Foxtrot steps also pass through each other along with brushing the legs against each other during this passing movement.

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