International Foxtrot Elements

Basic Weave
Change of direction
Closed Impetus

Feather Step
Natural Turn
Natural weave (IDTA: silver)
Reverse turn and feather finish
Three Step

Review of Basic Steps
Closed telemark
Hover cross (IDTA: gold)
Hover feather
Natural Hover telemark
Natural telemark
Open impetus
Open telemark and feather ending
Open telemark, natural turn, outside swivel and feather ending
Quick natural weave (IDTA)
Quick open reverse (IDTA)
Reverse pivot (IDTA)
Reverse wave (IDTA: bronze)
Top spin
Weave from PP
Back feather
Bounce fallaway with weave ending (ISTD)
Curved feather
Curved three step (IDTA)
Extended reverse wave (IDTA)
Fallaway reverse, slip pivot
Natural hover telemark
Natural twist turn (IDTA: silver)
Natural zig zag from PP

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