Atlanta International Waltz Notes

Josh Jones 11/1/2010
Josh's International Waltz
November 2010
Natural Turn
Spin Turn
Chasse to the Right
Change Step
Chasse to the Left
Natural Turn
Double Reverse Turn

Martin's International Waltz         December 8, 2011
Double Reverse Spin
Forward Chasse
Back Lock
Spin Turn
Continuing the forward and backward drill. Forearms are not directly to the side. They are curled forward slightly. Create as much rise as you can at the end of the movement before lowering. He's teaching good form. Ten fingers avoids body contact.
Heel Turn Exercises
Left foot back locked close and heel turn on the left foot. You only turn on one heel not both. Left foot back, close right to left, heel pivot on left, all three preceding actions are on 1. Rise on two, forward right on three. Reverse this action with the opposite feet. Previously I believed that you never lock your knees in standard.
Keep extended upwards the whole time. This is part of the exercise.
We practiced heel turns since they are used in the impetus turn and woman's part of the Double Reverse Spin.
Double reverse spin
It is not he goes, she goes.
You must stay close together since it's a spining action.
It is important to get as much height as possible together and then lower.
Martin had us practice it over and over quickly.
He placed himself against a wall to show the forearms are forward.
Spin Turn
Backward left foot heel pivot to forward, backward right foot heel pivot closed and you can shift weight forward to opposite original line of dance.

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