Rumba Figures

Basic Box Step

Turning Box
Forward and Backward Breaks
Sideward Breaks
Outside Breaks Forward
Outside Breaks Backward
Forward Rocks
Backward Rocks
Basic with Underarm Turn
Promenade Breaks -- 5th Position Breaks
Open Break
Cross Body Lead
Cross Body Lead to Cuban Walk
Forward Spot Turn
Backward (back) Spot Turn
Right Underarm Turn
Left Underarm Turn
Basic Back Spot Turn -not continuous
2 Way Underarm Turn (In and Out Turns, Stop and Go)
Parallel (Shadow) Position Breaks
Promenade Walks
After 5th position rock in PP
Reverse Underarm Turn from Open Break


Cuban Walk with Cross-Over
Rhythm Changes A, B, C
Roll Away
Snap Turn
Cuban Walk with Underarm Turns
Counter Promenade Chasse
Shadow Breaks
Spot Turn

Progressive Walks
Back Breaks
Open Break/Underarm Turn
Open Walk


Side Steps

Switch Turn

Back to Back


Side Pass
Side by Side Progressive Walks
Side by Side Rocks
Back Spot with Underarm Turn Right
Back Spot with Underarm Turn Left
Wrap Around
Back Spot to Spiral Turn
Free Turns with Breaks

Natural Top

Fifth Position

Hand to Hand

Opening Out to Right and Left

Outside Partner
Slow Underarm Turn
Open Break Underarm Turn
Crossover Break
Crossover & Side Rocks
Open Rumba Walks
Shoulder Check
Cradle Circle
Quick Underarm Turn & Loop
Open Circular Walks
Spot Turn Combination

Three Alemanas

Alternating Underarm Turns

Rope Spin

Open Hip Twists
Open Swivel Walks
Left Side Catch, Cradle & Roll Out
Quick Underarm Turn
Roll Out, Circle Wrap
Spiral Swivel
Shadow Variations
Swivel Combination
Open Rumba Walks & Swivels
Man's Wrap

Roll-in, Swivel & Spiral
Solo Spins
Shadow Rondés & Man’s Spiral
Lunge Point & Circle Walk
Outside Partner Spin
Circular Hip Twist
Cross Body Drag
Double Rondé
Hip Lean
Cross Body Stretch



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