Salsa Figures

Forward and back salsa basic
Woman's underarm turn to right
Woman's underarm turn to left
Woman's double underarm turn to the left
Man's underarm turn to right
Side breaks
Basic to open
Cross body lead

Cuban turn - ladies counterclockwise/inside with man switching sides
Turn with two hand hold to hammerlock release
Cuddle turn
Underarm turn with double head loop
Hammerlock to hand release (Nelson)
Cross body lead with lady's underarm turn to left
Cross body lead (Handshake) with head loop
Back to back turn
Superman man's spin forward as woman passes opposite
Arm check to man's spin
Hand toss
Shoulder slide
Man's underarm turn to right to shadow side break
Cross body head loop combo
Cross body check and turn

Backspot Turn (180)


Reverse Barrel Turn

Valentino (Texas Tommy)



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