Salsa Notes

Wayne Zweg Atlanta USA Dance 9/11/10

All figures begin in the closed position so, for example, when you are changing from basic to open side breaks, you always go back to basic closed first. It's easy to get confused and attempt to begin your next figure on the wrong foot. LOOK at the direction you are going before doing the open breaks. Neat. Simple but it communicates to the partner beforehand and makes the lead easier. Salsa is quick so take small steps to conserve energy and make it easier to get back into position quickly. The music is fast. When turning the woman, place you hand directly above the woman's head and do not grip the woman's hand. Wayne does not like stirring the woman during a turn. Interestingly, he breaks up the man's turn going 3/4 around and then back on the right foot rather than a full turn first.

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