Samba Lesson Notes

Robert Bruby 09/14/2010

Forward and back basic. Bota fogo, Volta, Side Breaks,

Robert Bruby 10/5/2010

Samba is fast and it is very important to control your weight shifts and keep them to a minimum. His philosophy is to never shift your weight more than three inches off center when making side leg movements, otherwise, you will become tired quickly.

Wayne Abbey 10/10/2010

The Bota fogo is really continuous twinkles to a final close.

Robert Bruby 10/19/2010

Conserving energy is important. When doing fifth position breaks, keep your weight on your standing leg and lean forward. The moving leg that goes behind has no weight on it. This gives the appearance of fast movement.

Sven Juur 11/4/2010

At the end of a series of four voltas, do a ronde in order to change to the opposite direction. Practicing the weight shifts in front of a mirror is absolutely essential.

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