Tango Figures

8-Count Straight Basic
8-Count Curving Basic
16-Count Basic

Basic Single Corte

Checked Promenade

Closed Promenade

Continuous Left Rock Turn

Cobra Fans
Contra Rock
Contra Rock & Reverse Pivot
Cross Body Lead to Triple Fan

Double Corte (QQSS,QQSS,QQS)

Double Chase

Fallaway Promenade

Fallaway Reverse Slip Pivot

Fallaway Whisk

Gancho to Outside Swivel

Left-Turning Rock

Open Fan with Woman's Underarm Turn
Open Left Turn

Open Left Turn to Outside Swivel

Open Promenade
Open Fan

Outside Swivel

Progressive Rocks (S,S,Q,Q,S,Q,Q,S,Q,Q,S)
Promenade turning left
Promendae turning right
Promenade With Left Swivel
Promenade With Right Turn

Reverse Turn (QQS,QQS)
Reverse Turn with Outside Swivel
Right Side Fan

Twist Turn to the Right

Rock to Promenade

Promenade Pivot
Promenade Release to Open Fan
Underarm Turn to Left (from Open Fan)
Change of Places
Shadow Rocks
Reverse Turn


Natural Fallaway

Progressive Link & Head Flick

Progressive Link & Promenade

Two Walks


Lock & Side Cross


Spanish Drag

Vienesse Cross and Pivots

William Pino and Alessandra Bucciarelli

Tango Technique

Tango Demonstrations

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