Tango Lesson Notes

Len Ambanta, Dance City Ballroom

          Len took simples steps and embellished them nicely! First was a side together side together step with two forward and back cortes.

Honey Larson. March 29, 2010

          In American Tango, the man's left arm is bent out forward and the right arm straight back. The hips and legs move from closed to promenade not the arms. The man must keep his head out of the woman's space. In the fan, you turn your legs and hips NOT your arms. In the Cobra, the man's right leg moves through. Cobra UTUBE video

Honey Larson, April 5, 2010

         Modified Open Fan #1: after the fan, the woman and man spin across each other twice ending in their original open fan position and then close.  

         Modified Open Fan #2: add a woman's underarm turn as part of the throw out  

Pat Korn, June 19, 2010

          The progressive rocks step can be modified so that the rocks change direction and then resumes.

Amber Reich, September 21, 2010

The double forward rock can be stylized to include more CBM and by going outside partner. Open step point, step point, Tango close.

Buddy Stots, Silver Tango -  February 2011

Quick Open Natural Turn (Slow-1-2-3-4-Slow-Slow) Forward step Natural turn backing line of dance four quick backwards steps to brisk Promenade
Step forward with left, then right forward to the left, lead woman around and finally close to the right side
Promenade: Double Pivot; Whisk: forward close

Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club - October 2011
Promenade 1 2 Close
Left leg rondes to back of right foot
Rock on right and point left
Promenade Movement
Forward/Forward/Rotate woman around then Tango Close.
Rocking Movement
You can Rock forward and back with the woman and turn 360 degrees

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