Texas Two Step

Basic to Sweetheart Hold to Out

          At the beginning of the second slow, the man's left hand simply lifts upward to signal the woman that something is about to happen, a turn. The man's left elbow stays close to his body and at a right angle and is not used to turn the woman, only as a signal.

          The man's right hand pulls the woman's left shoulder forward ( shoulder lead ) and very slightly downward. The man's right hand's pull is on an arc ( curve ) not straight forward. The man also uses a very slight downward body thrust ( like in Waltz) to signal the woman that he wants her to do something.

          The left hand lifts above the woman as a preparation for the woman's turn and is positioned over the axis of the woman's turn so she can turn easily. The last thing the man wants to do is place the woman off balance so the man's left hand serves as an axis to help the woman orient herself during her turn.

          Turning inhibits the woman's forward progression so the man must slow down his steps to prevent overshooting and going forward past the woman while the woman is turning.

          The outside turn turns the woman counterclockwise outside the line of dance away from the center. The inside turn does the opposite, it turns the woman clockwise inside the line of dance and towards the center. It is the woman's movement that determines what kind of turn you are doing. A right hand turn is when the woman turns clockwise while a left hand turn is when the woman turns counterclockwise.

          To tell the woman that this turn is to a sweetheart, the man must stop his hand and keep it there.

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