Texas Two Step

     Lady's left turn (side positioned inside turn) to wrap and throw out to closed forward

342 to end

          The first three steps are the same as a forward basic. On the fourth step (slow), however, the man positions his right foot diagonally to his right and moves the lady to the promenade position on his right side, her left side.

          On his fifth step (quick), he moves his left foot forward and turns into promenade. His right hand is on the woman's left back shoulder ( scapula ) and her left hand is on his right shoulder (deltoid). The man's left hand is forward and in front of the woman preparing her for a counter clockwise turn. He remains in promenade until the end of the series. At the end of the fifth step and immediately beginning the sixth step (quick), he then moves his left hand counter clockwise around over her head to lead the right side turn.

          On the seventh step the man signals to the woman that the inside turn is coming by gently moving his hand inwards slightly towards his chest then slightly outwards on the eighth step before turning the woman counterclockwise. On the ninth step, the man raises his left hand above the woman's head to lead the counterclockwise ( inside ) turn around her head. He continues to hold her hand after the turn and holds her hand in front of her. The turn takes two quicks ( quick, quick ). The man's right hand remains positioned behind the woman his palm facing forward as she turns.

          During the next two slows ( slow, slow ) and two quicks ( quick, quick ) they move forward in promenade. At the end of the second quick, the man raises his left arm to move the woman in front of him. At the same time he gently guides her with his right hand rotating her a quarter turn forward to a closed forward position. He moves from a promenade to forward line he makes a quarter counterclockwise turn.

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