Two Step

Transition from back line to forward line

           PLAY VIDEO by clicking UCWDC (#2) for Division 6   ( 149 to 246 )                   

         Begin with the left foot moving backwards. The first three steps are the same as a back basic. On the fourth step (slow), however, the man positions his right foot outward and behind and he then moves his left foot to the side (quick) of the right and slightly apart. He then closes his feet together. While doing the fourth and fifth steps the man moves his body in a sideways position. The fifth step (quick) is perpendicular to the line of dance and in the sixth (slow) the man closes his two feet together.

         On the seventh step the man steps forward directly behind the woman with his left foot and then on the eight and last step closes his right foot together with the left. During the seventh and eight steps the man turns his body to a front line position while maintaining his dance frame.         

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