Viennese Waltz Figures

Closed Changes Back
Side Whisks
Promenade Hesitation
Open Break & Underarm Turn to R
Cross-Body Lead
Back Spot Turn
Cross Body Lead w/ Underarm Turn to L.
Change of Places
Balance Steps: Forward, Back, Side to Side
Fifth Position Breaks
Fifth Position Breaks with Underarm Turn

Reverse Turn

Closed Twinkle
Hand to Hand
Forward Progressive Changes
Backward Progressive Changes
Natural (Right) Turn
Curtsey & Bow

Change Step


X Line
Flairs Forward & Back
Underarm Turn Right
Underarm Turn Left
Progressive Fifth Position Breaks
Spot Turn Combination
Reverse Underarm Turn
Advanced Hand to Hand Combination
Standing Spin
Open Right Turn


Open Right Turn to Shadow
Open Right Turn in Shadow Position
Left Turn Connection
Barrel Roll
Shadow Skips
Arabesque Combination
Double Leg Rondé
Roll In and Out
Tandem Turns to Brush Hops
Progressive Forward Checks
Natural fleckerl

Reverse fleckerl
Contra check


Vienesse Waltz Technique

Vienesse Waltz Demonstrations

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