Viennese Waltz

          Vienesse Waltz was the most difficult smooth ballroom dance to learn. It is a fast dance with the emphasis on "fast". While normal Waltz is danced at 50 beats per minute, Vienesse Waltz is over 100 beats per minute. That's a lot of foot movements, so Vienesse must be danced efficiently and the dancer must be totally familiar and comfortable with all of the movements since there is no time for thinking about what you have to do with Vienesse Waltz.

          We initially learned Vienesse Waltz from Josh Jones at Daza Dance. Josh is a precision and technique oriented dancer and has risen to the highest levels of dance certification. He is a wonderful person and really does care about his students. I had one Viennese Waltz group lesson with Jared and finally, one Saturday two hour lesson with Jim Day at Atlanta Dance in Marietta.

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