Atlanta Waltz

        Waltz is probably my favorite ballroom dance. It has been around for hundreds of years and waltz music is played in almost all ballroom dance functions. I love the music! If you learn this dance, you will undoubtably dance it often.

        We first learned Waltz from Wayne Abbey and have continued our lessons with Natalie Segal (intermediate), Virginia Coker (advanced), Josh Jones (advanced and private) and Jared Pruitt (silver).

        Waltz involves a wide open arm posture and careful head positioning, posture matters! The movement is pulsing on one and two and then a slower reaching upward movement on the three that finally settles downward. It took me a good bit of time to realize this. On the three, the leg and foot is moved to the final position first and then the body is stretched to this position slowly. This has to be practiced to make your Waltz feel and look good.

        As with all dances, both partners should feel the music and gracefully move with the rhythm of the sound. It's easy to forget, as you race around the dance floor, that there is a definite foot placement in the Waltz.

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