Atlanta Waltz Figures

Alternating Underarm Combination

Back Lock

Back Lock to the Right

Basic Weave

Back Whisk

Balance Steps: Forward, Back, Side to Side
Balance and Box

Basic Box

Box with Lady's Walk Around Turn

Box with Underarm Turn

Chasse Roll into Pivots

Chasse from Promenade

Checked Reverse Turn
Contra Check

Closed Telemark
Closed Wing
Chair & Slip
Chasse from PP
Chassé to Shadow
Check & Developé
Check to Open Fallaway
Contra Check Combination
Closed Impetus

Face to Face - Back to Back
Fallaway & Box

Fallaway Reverse & Slip Pivot
Fallaway & Weave

Flip Flops

Flip & Spin

Free Turn to Fallaway
Hairpin - Reverse
Hairpin - From Promenade Position
Hesitation Change
Natural Turn

Natural Spin Turn
Open Impetus and Cross Hesitation
Open Impetus and Wing

Open Impetus to Weave
Open Telemark and Cross Hesitation
Open Telemark and Wing
Outside Spin
Open Left Box

Open Left Whisk
Open Right Turn
Open Right Turn with Underarm Turn

Outside Change
Pivot from Promenade
Progressive Forward

Progressive Open Twinkles

Progressive Twinkles

Promenade Chassé

Reverse Impetus

Reverse Pivot

Running Weave
Reverse Turn (Left Turning Box)

Right Turning Box

Running Chasse

Running Natural Spin Turn
Running Turn
Shadow Telespin
Shadow Curve & Back Lock
Simple Twinkle
Syncopated Pivots
Syncopated Open Natural Turn in Shadow Position
Syncopated Viennese Turn

Turning Lock
Turning Twinkles
Twinkle & Weave
Twinkle Connection
Two-Way Underarm Turn
Closed Changes


Natural Spin Turn


Shadow Hairpin
Double Leg Rondé

Spiral to Develope'

Back Whisk

Reverse Corte

Double Reverse Spin

Natural Pivot
Progressive Chasse to R
Weave from PP

Open Telemark

Drag Hesitation
Left Whisk
Turning Lock to R
Hover Corte
Fallaway Whisk

Side Lock to the Left


Hinge Line

Tumble Turn

Standing Spin

William Pino and Alessandra Bucciarelli

Waltz Technique

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