Natalie Segal 11/02/09

        The Twinkle is not open. Move your left foot forward on one, then your right foot to close position on two keeping your toe down and heel off the floor. Then twist your frame to the right in a contrabody movement. On two, look at the woman. On three, turn your head forward and look forward in promenade. The position feels twisted but it's correct.

        Waltz is always danced heel, toe, toe, heal, toe. Balance is important. Stay balanced on each foot and on each move. An exercise is to move one step and balance. Move another step and balance. Form the frame and let the woman fall into the frame but do not push. With a Chasse the syncopation is on two and is expressed as "two and".

Ranier Rics Atlanta DanceSport 4/3/2010

        This was a wonderful group lesson. Ranier took simple patterns and connected them beautifully. The first was a basic forward progressive to a quarter counterclockwise (left) turn to a chasse to a right (natural) turn. The chasse syncopates with four (4) steps during three (3) beats of music ending with the left foot back into a backward natural (right) turn ending with the right foot forward instead of the left. This combination allows a forward progression in the line of dance and can be used on short or long walls. Secondly, he modified the hesitation step which is often used in the corner by adding a woman's clockwise turn ending a quarter turn to the left of the man. Nice variations. It is important to carefully guide the woman with your left hand over her head and placing your right hand on her left back at the end of her turn to signal that you both will be going into a closed position again rather than the woman continuing to turn. The man's backward foot work is the same as a turning box with the right foot going back twisting into a quater turn while the woman turns. The the left foot goes to the side and closes.

Josh Jones 04/05/2010

        Technique. Technique. Technique. In a left reverse turn the man's right leg bend and falls forward giving power to the forward movement. The upper body remains upright over the legs. During the movement the man's hips swing to the right and up with the upper body remaining in place. The man's head stays in his own space over the left leg so as not to interfere with the lady's attention.

Wayne Abbey 05/08/2010

         Thank you, Wayne. I finally got it. The man's head is almost always over his left shoulder and left leg. It stays there and moves with the shoulders. It is very important to know where you are going and where you are positioned at every moment in your movements. This allows the proper shoulder positioning and as a consequence, proper head positioning. The proper man's head positioning gives the woman space and freedom of her own movement. Wow. Now I have to go back again and review all of my figures and ask myself, where are my shoulders, where is my head and where is my partner.

Tanya Arnold 08/22/2010

There is both a reverse (left) and a natural (right) box figure. Americans seen to like the left box and ignore the right. The man moves straight forward and turns at the end of each segment in the box insuring that the man gets around the lady. There are many different, I believe she said 38, dance holds.
Routine: Twinkle - open woman to the left - close back to twinkle She called it a continuous twinkle.

Buddy Stots 09/20/2010

Fallaway and Weave down down up down down down up down. Right turn with a throw forward into side by side to a telemark.

Josh Jones 11/3/2010

Natural Turn - Natural Spin Turn - Backlock to the Right - Running Weave

Natural Turn - Natural Spin Turn - Chasse to the Right - Change Step - Chasse to the Left - Natural Turn - Natural Spin Turn - Corte - Whisk - Chasse

Natural Spin turn: Before moving backward there is a small twist on the right standing leg and extension of the left leg without moving the shoulders. The movement are forward forward not spining.

Natual Turn ; go forward and do not turn your shoulders. It is a quarter turn.

Double Reverse: You go up to place the female on a heel turn so it's up right away on first step. Then stay on toe for the rest of the figure. The foot placement for the turn is just angling the foot not placing/sticking it.

Wayne Abbey 11/7/2010

Reverse Turn shoulders review

Sven Juur 11/10/2010

On all Waltz turns the upper body blocks are kept fixed and you turn at the hips. On the first leftward backward step, release the right foot toe upward on the natural spin turn. The movement in Waltz varies on each beat with more thrust/impetus/force on 1 and balancing on two and three. Keep your knees flexed on the back lock and it's a constantly turning figure. Change weight on the actual lock foot placement and then go to the side. We reviewed the natural running turn to whisk. Left foot back, rock and then shoot forward around with your curving feet.

Judy Zweig  USA Dance 12/11/2010
Twinkle:Underarm Cross:Grapewine (Patty Cakes):Free Spin (clockwise):Hesitation:Run Around:Chair and Slip Pivot
End the underarm cross facing each other so you can start the Grapevine. At the end of the Grapevine you are both side to side and close to each other.
The man's right arm goes up and left arm across his chest as he turns to the left three beats. He then does six steps for the run around ending with a right foot rock on 6 and chair and slip pivot to finish.

Wayne Abbey Atlanta Ballroom Dance Club 12/18/2010


Sven Juur 12/2010
We did the same Quickstep figures in Waltz. The main point in this lesson was that I should stop thinking in technical terms and just do the moves. Dance! Dance! Dance!

Josh Jones 2/9/2011

In the chasse to the right, the man places the woman to his left. This is done through the hips. The man's right hip rotates forward and to the left. The upper torso frame must move in unison with the hip movement and this signals the woman that this is a right chasse. It is not done by moving the arms.

Sven Juur March 2011

This is a nice figure. Begin with half a box to the right followed by a side step to the right. This is done without rise "down" followed by an open break where the two dancers rise "up". The man and woman are face to face and up on toe as they go back in the open break. Back "down" and the man does a right side fifth position break while the woman does an underarm clockwise turn. The man goes "up" on the fifth postion break and loops his left hand around the woman's head to help her turn. The two then go to the right for a fifth position break and then move left into a Waltz box.

Waterfall - In this figure the man twinkles to the right and then twinkles to the left. On the next twinkle, he raises the woman's hand and she explodes it around her head while the next twinkle to the right is done. This hand raising is continued on the following twinkle to the left. The woman's hand is pulled up on 2.

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