West Coast Swing

          West Coast Swing was the second most difficult dance for me to learn. I bought West Coast teaching videos. I joined the Atlanta Swing Club and took their basic lessons and I repeated the basic class three times at Daza! Yes, three times!! Talk about feeling stupid! How could this dance be the official dance of California?

          Well, I am getting it. West Coast Swing has six count patterns and an eight count patterns meaning that each involves either six steps or eight steps. There are numerous West Coast Swing Figures.

          Last night I finally got the six step pattern. I remember hearing that there is an emphasis on the fourth and sixth beats but I was always too busy rushing the steps that I never got it. The emphasis at four and six is a slight hold on that beat. It's a pause in your body's movement and involves either looking at your dance partner or performing some embellishment

West Coast Swing Figures         West Coast Lesson Notes       West Coast Musicality

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