West Coast Swing Lesson Notes

Honey Larson Daza Intermediate WCS 11/2010

Whip to Side (8) - Syncopated Tucks to Release (8) - Under Arm Pass to Handshake (6) - Sugar Push with Man's Left Turn (6)- Sugar Push to Left Hand Release (6) - Single Double roll into wrap and out (6) - Basket to solo Release (8)      

Honey Larson Daza Basic WCS 12/2010

Woman's Inside Roll - A routine left side pass is done ending in a handshake hold. The woman then moves to the left and makes a complete turn moving past the man. The man's footwork is simply to the side.

Honey Larson Intermediate WCS 2/8/2011

Left hand lead swing around to starter type step and do an elastic open-close move. Lead lady so she French crosses over in a left side pass.

Buddy Stots Daza Basic WCS 3/1/11

West Coast Swing has elasticity. The man leads the woman and she continues until the man initiates an elastic gentle backward pull back. In movements where the woman moves towards the man, the woman continues in her movement without stopping until the man begins elastic resistance. The man acts as a shock absorber. The man must always remember to get out of the woman's slot with adequate time for her to do her movements when passing by the man.

Honey Larson Intermediate WCS 3/1/2011

Whip with woman's outside turn lead by the man's left hand palm lead with man's clockwise turn on 7/8 ending with a palm to the right handhold - Backward hammerlock to forward woman's counterclockwise turn. Straight arm lead.

West Coast Swing
has an rhytymic elastic ebb and flow
with both partners stretching and contracting
The timing is essential to feel the elastic stretch and acceleration
The face to face is always on four
On the whip there is a rock before the face to face on four
Hold the woman's hand shaping your hand like a pistol
Do not touch the woman's middle knuckle
it can hurt
Use a cupping hold
It can also be used in cha cha to direct the woman's arms
Do not open stay face to face
Control the woman's movement just like standard.
Forward Step Drill for Rythym
Step forward with your head, shoulders, ribcage, hips and foot aligned.
The left foot should be angled out as far as comfortable.
Rotate your right hip forward and back keeping the right foot toe on the floor.
Keep the shoulders parallel to the floor
You can hold your arms outward to be able to better keep your shoulders steady

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